Tip: How to layer carbonated fluids

It is relatively easy to layer spirits with different density. But what about carbonated fluids (eg. soda), where the carbon acid does not actually help in keeping those sharp layers?

The trick is actually quite simple:

  1. First, you pour one of the carbonated fluids in the glas.
  2. Next, you place your finger on top of the bottle’s opening.
  3. Shake it lightly, building up pressure inside the bottle, and then carefully spray a layer of soda on top of the previous.
  4. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like, but keep in mind that it takes practice to make perfect layers every single time.

To practice, try creating flag colours:

  • Red/white/blue
  • Red/white/red/white/blue
  • Green/white/orange
  • etc.

I hope this tip is useful to you 🙂

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