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How to drink whiskey

To the uninitiated serving and drinking whiskey could seem as easy as opening the whiskey bottle and pour – but that is very far from reality. There are several “schools” on how to drink...


The Perfect Manhattan Cocktail

TL;DR: You make the perfect Manhattan Cocktail by stirring Whisky, Vermouth and Angostura Bitters with ice cubes. Strain into a cocktail glass. Ingredients 5 cl whisky (Rye Whisky is preferred, but not required. any...

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Fish House Punch

Invented at a gentlemen’s club in Philadelphia in 1732, the Fish House Punch was one of later Founding Father George Washington’s preferred drinks. Apparently he once drank so much of the punch that it took...


Dark rum in drinks

“Dark rum in drinks, maybe even expensive vintage rum as a mixer in drinks – you can’t do that, that’s BLASPHEMI!?” You’ve probably heard the above sentence in some variation and I must admit,...


Tip: How to layer carbonated fluids

It is relatively easy to layer spirits with different density. But what about carbonated fluids (eg. soda), where the carbon acid does not actually help in keeping those sharp layers?


Zombie (Definition)

Some drink recipes will eventually grow beyond them selves, turning into more of a category and the Zombie is one of those recipes.