Awesome – we find it incredibly flattering that you are considering submitting an article/recipe to be published on our site. No, seriously – we are truely amazed.

Please do so, we would love to reach you writings. And if it is an amazing piece of work we will not hesitate to publsh it as soon as possible!

But… just to make sure that we are on the same level regarding the article’s content and quality and – most importantly – copyright, we have a few guidelines to adhere to:

Guidelines for getting an article published on

  1. Your work have to be 110% original work, done by you. That includes (but is not limited to) no pre
  2. Your work cannot be published online elsewhere. If it has been published offline (e.g. in print) please provide us with proof that you are the copyright holder of the content.
  3. Your work must be good writing. What is “good writing?” you might ask: Good writing is writing that cathces the reader, makes them want to read the next line and makes them think. (Don’t worry too much about spelling/grammar, we will fix that together before publishing).
  4. Your submitted work is the starting point for the published article but we keep the right to edit your articles to any extent, provided we find it necessary.
  5. Any creative work submitted with the article must adhere to the same guidelines as text, including (but not limited to) images/illustrations, video, audio. You must be able to provide proof of ownership/publishing rights on request.
  6. Generally we do not pay for content submitted to the site. Usually only regular writers/content providers will be able to make a deal, unless the quality of the content is in such good condition that we feel this shouldn’t be given to us for free (which happens now and then, just so you know).
  7. Be advised that you keep the copyright of your own articles but transfer all digital/electronic publishing/subsidiary rights to us upon submitting the article. In simpler words: You still own the article, but we obtain the sole right to publishing it in electronic form.

If you can accept the above guidelines, please do not hesitate to submit your work.

How to submit an article

  1. Create a user here: Create user
    1. Would you like the article to be published anonymously let us know but you must provide us with your full name and contact details.
  2. Submit your article in the below form, either by writing directly in the for or by uploading your work as a document file.
    1. Do you need feedback on you article idea? Get in touch – we are more than happy to help!
  3. That’s it! We will get in touch when we have looked through your submitted content.

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