The Bartender Magazine is operated by passionate enthusiasts and we do this in our spare time, simply because we love or work and want to share our knowledge. But we are always looking for skilled writers who can provide new aspects to the business and open our eyes for new trends in the industry.

Whether you are interested in writing on a regular basis or just delivering an article now and then, please get in contact. If you have an interesting story to tell or find yourself to be an expert in a niche within bartending we would love to hear from you.

If your article is published, you will:

  • Become a true celebrity in the Bartending community
  • Get acknowlegment for your expertise and knowledge of bartending
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  • Get a link to your own site or blog

This is a serious publication which in effect means that we do not just publish any random article.Before you make your contribution, please follow our guidelines for writing articles to The Bartender.

We want you in our team if you are:

  • A professional bartender or working with bartendending on a close-to-daily basis
  • A skilled writer who can convey your passion to the readers
  • As passionate about bartending as we are, with many years experience
  • An expert in mixologi, wine, fine spirits or in the art of making really great coffee

What you need to know before writing to The Bartender

  • The editors at The Bartender Magazine has the final word about which articles does and does not get published on the website.
  • You are more than welcome to get in touch regarding ideas and feedback to articles you plan on writing.
  • You must write and own the articles you provide. They must be 110 % original work and may not be published anywhere else on the internet.
  • We keep the right to edit your articles to any extent, provided we find it necessary.
  • Any text, image, picture, illustration and other artwork provided with the article must be owned by you, and you must have the rights to use and publish the artwork for commercial uses.

If your article is published:

  • You may:
    • Gloat in you newly gained fame.
    • Tell all your friends (and enemies!) about it – remember to provide them with a link til your article(s) for easy access.
    • Encourage your friends and family to join the debate.
    • You may deeplink to any article on our website. Also from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Digg etc. In fact, we encourage you to!
  • You may not:
    • Publish the article anywhere else on the internet.

If you feel comfortable about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

So, if you are looking for a way to establish yourself as an expert in the field of bartending, or are you just burning up with a desire to publish some good, solid articles about the business – we would love to hear from you

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