About The Bartender

The-Bartender.org is a new and upcoming online magazine for bartenders. We will be publishing news, tips, tricks, recipes and background knowledge about a wide range of bartender-related stuff.

All articles will be written for bartender, by bartenders, in a tone where everyone can follow. We will try to cater to both newly started bartender (and home bartenders) as well as professional bartenders, be theming up our content in beginner/intermediate/advanced sections.

The magazine is provided as is, free to read and comment on for you as the reader. All work is owned and © copyrighted by The-Bartender.org and/or the individual writers.

Who is behind this site?

The site is owned and run by Bartender.dk, a danish bartender’s lodge. The lodge is formed by a set of skilled current and former bartenders mostly from Denmark. The articles on The-Bartender.org will partly be written by members of the lodge, but we seek to establish authors from all over the world, making this site a WWW (World Wide Wonder).

Would you like to become a writer for The-Bartender.org?

becoming a writer for The-Bartender.org is easy enough (provided you have the skills and knowledge to write within this niche. Read more here about how to become a writer for The-Bartender.org.