Top 10 Halloween drink recipes

3 halloween pumpkins lit up in dark room

Every year on the 31st october it’s halloween, a tradition that is particular popular in the USA. Besides being a hugely popular event among kids, a lot of young people use this day to throw halloween-themed parties all over the world.

The colour palette for halloween often sees extreme amounts of black and orange – seen in pumpkin lanterns in the dark – and hence it’s obvious to serve drinks that matches this colour scheme.

But… what should you serve at such events and parties? Drinks and cocktails are notoriously hard to create in deep black (unless you use 100% liquorice, squid ink or ingredients that probably shouldn’t be consumed), but don’t let this be a showstopper for maintaining the right athmosphere in the bar. More pumpkin lanterns for halloweenThere’re plenty of orange drinks – imagine just about any recipe where orange juice is the main ingredient – et violá!.

If you prefer the drink to be a darker orange, you can add red soda, red fruit colour, grenadine or whatever you fancy (make sure the ingredients you add are made for consumption!).

If you feel completely lost, you can always turn to ready-to-drink products such as the Bacardi Breeezer (but where’s the fun in that?) Or you could find other “poisonous” looking(!) cocktail recipes and serve those.

Serve them in a black cup/mug, give them a fancy name, add appropriate garnishing (e.g. plastic spiders) and there you are: a drink that matches the Halloween theme 🙂

Drink suggestions

Drink name suggestions

  • Witch’s Brew
  • Jack ‘o Lantern
  • Rotten Apple
  • Zombie
  • Spider Soup
  • Halloween Scare
  • Bloodspatter
  • Graveyard Mist
  • Boiling Mud (passer til Long Jump)
  • Poison Envy

One swallow does not a summer make

… or: The drinks alone does not make the halloween-themed party. Costumes, decorations, garnish, music, lighting etc. is all part of the algorithm, that creates the right athmosphere.

You can find plenty of inspiration for your halloween-themed party here:

Happy Trick Or trating!

(Disclaimer: Some of the suggestions for drink names are names for drinks that already exist. The names has been chosen since they convey the promise of the Halloween theme, without looking at what the real recipes contain.)

Image: Helmut Wattrott/Freeimages

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