Homemade Tonic Syrup

Yes, you could just buy a bottle of ready-made tonic water, but where’s the fun in that? Wouldn’t it be infinite more fun to be able to tell your guests that you made it yourself?

If you follow the recipe below you will make a delicious tonic syrup, ready to be mixed with sparkling water. And it’s easy to adjust it to your liking – just add more or less of the ingredients.


  • 2 untreated (ideally, organic) lime fruits
  • 1 untreated (ideally, organic) lemon
  • 1 untreated (ideally, organic) orange
  • 4 lemon grass stalks
  • 4 whole all spice berries, dried
  • 1/2-1 star anis (to your preference)
  • 1 tsp Quina bark whole pieces (can be omitted)
  • 9 dl (~30.5 fl oz) water
  • 700 g (~24.7 oz) cane sugar

How To Mix

  1. Grate the zest from the limes, the lemon and the orange (you can use a peeler as well). Avoid the white under layer as it is quite bitter.
  2. Squize the juices from all the citrus fruits (try to avoid the seeds as they also tend to be quite bitter.
  3. Crush the lemon grass – you can give them a good beeting with a casserole or a rolling pin.
  4. Add the the zests and the juices from the citrus fruits in a pan/pot, together with the lemon grass.
  5. Add all spice, star anis, Quina bark and the water.
  6. Leave the mix to simmer in the pot for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Add the cane sugar and let it boil for a few minutes, until all the sugar is dissolved into the mix.
  8. strain the spicy syrup through a fine strainer or a coffee filter.
  9. Attn.: Keep the syrup refrigerated.

Recipes With Tonic Syrup

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